Top 10 female fly angler's of Instagram

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You could say that a few decades ago fishing was a man's sport! We did have some female anglers but nothing in comparison to what we have now in this day in age. Some are fishing for the wrong reasons, to get a few likes here & there or get some subscriptions on their social media accounts while others do it for the passion of the sport! A passion that was built into them since adolescence. That is what made us create this list that we have here today. Not just because its breast cancer awareness month....even though that did give us the push to make it But mainly because we wanna give credit for the young women who are creating a great example for those to come. Here is our top list of female fly anglers that you need to follow today!

          April Vokey = (Instagram @aprilvokey)

         Jordan or also known as ( Instagram= @relentlessmomma 

         Noelle Coley ( Instagram = @noellecoley )

         Ruth aka ( Instagram = @navajoflyfisher )

         Megan aka ( Instagram = @barbieonthefly )

      Bre Williams ( Instagram = @brewilliamsonfly )

         Vicky Stark ( Instagram = @vickystark )

         Tessa Shetter ( Instagram = @tessashetter ) 

         Gabi Suggs ( Instagram = @gabisuggs )

         Maddie Brenneman ( Instagram = @maddiebrenneman

We hope everyone enjoyed our list of top female anglers in IG. Make sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date on all events and stories that we will be covering.

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