Top 5 Tips for a better Fly Fishing experience!

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So main reason why I wanted to make this top 5 list is because I find new ways everyday  how I can improve my fishing experience. This wont be your typical list as obvious things you must pack. This will be a more practical list for real world situations. So lets get the show on the road 

  • (1) Checklist - Triple check the day before you head out on a fishing adventure that you have all the flies and equipment you'll need. Pack 2 of everything that you would only take 1 of. You have no idea how many tongs, clippers and sunglasses you can loose while fishing in the great outdoors.
  • (2) Footwear - Try to wear comfortable shoes that do not have laces on them. Reason why shoes with laces should be avoided at all cost is because when you are stripping line it will most likely land on your feet if you do not have a basket to catch your striped line. This will make the fly line wrap around your shoe laces and affect your cast in a negative way. Its already bad enough that you have to be aware to not step on your line let alone your laces, plus any twigs or roots that are in the ground.



  • (3) Dress Accordingly - Try to do some research on where you plan on fishing. Make sure you have the correct apparel. Remember you want to catch fish! Not the zika virus. Wear clothes that can protect you from harmful rays. If you are heading to the back country pick up some good bug spray or wear long sleeves and pants instead of basketball shorts and a tank top. You might sweat a bit more but its better then 3rd degree burns and mosquito bites.


  • (4) FOOD!!!! - I do not know how many times I have gone 8-10 hours on a fishing trips and my stomach is making more noises then bass hitting top water. Not only that but depending on your elemental conditions you could have a some health issues from a dehydration. Then you would be known as "Steve the guy who cut the fishing trip short" Do not be steve! pack some water and a couple of protein bars.
  • (5) Be Aware - Mother nature can be a witch some times so be aware of your surroundings. A lot of times my personal fishing locations have to do with a good amount of cars passing by at high speed. Some fishing locations in my neighborhood even have a warning sign for water moccasins which are highly venomous snakes. You could be casting 1 minute and the next be in the ER. As long as you stay aware of your surroundings you should be ready to expect most of what nature brings your way!



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