The Team

Jasiel Morales also known in social media as (@jasielmoralesfishing) is a Fly fisherman at heart. One of those guys that loves to target any species on a fly rod. Does not matter if its offshore, inshore or on land, if it's got gills and a tail he is gonna cast at it!

When Jasiel is not fishing, you better believe he's filming. Working hard to make sure that the perfect moment is caught on camera and never missed. 

Jonathan Nieto also known in social media as (@jon_fish_on) started fishing at the young age of 10 years old with his dad. Soon after he gained an affinity for offshore fishing and learned everything he needed to know in order to ensure he was always on the fish. He is someone who enjoys targeting all types of species from Tunas and Kings offshore, to Snook and Tarpon inshore. When he's not on the water he's catching Peacock or Largemouth Bass on land.

Besides fishing Jonathan lives for that perfect camera shot. He has gone on to capture some of the most amazing footage Reelhooking has obtained. Both Jasiel and Jonathan are excellent videographers and editors. They both share ideas to ensure videos flow smoothly and have that certain X factor that separates them from the rest of the competition.